Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Character Customisation and Kel'Thuzad

Hey guys! Pretty happy here today! Hope you're all getting ready for Christmas!

So last night Rage managed to take down Kel'Thuzad in 25-man Naxx!

It was so funny!! Kel had like 60/70k health down and we had about 10/15 people left up and all our tanks died! The adds went after the remaining healers then the remaining dps.

BAM! Kel'Thuzad goes down!

Who's left standing?

Our enhancement Shammy and a hunter!

It was so funny - Vent erupted in the biggest cheer I've heard in a long time! We were all shouting louder and louder as his health went down lower and lower!!

Was awesome! A long night of tries on him but we were successful!!

We popped to Sartharion after and took him down fast - I think we'll try him with 1 or 2 of the other dragons up soon! I cant wait for that challenge!

Anyway as many of you may have noticed the Winter Veil has arrived in Azeroth and I've been spending my time when I'm not raiding getting the achievements done so I can pick up my title "The Merrymaker" I'm only 3/4 achievements away from that. One of which I cant get till the 25th anyway.

Also character customisation has come to the European servers, and being how I like to experience everything the game has to offer, so I paid my £12 and dove in head first!

See if you can notice what I changed on Firelight!