Friday, 19 December 2008

Naxxramas 25-Man Update

Hey guys - Just some quick updates and thoughts on Naxxramas 25.

So with the instances all reset this week Rage entered Naxxramas and cleared 3 of the 4 wings in 4 hours.

Death Knight wing all bosses cleared no wipes.
Plague Wing all bosses cleared no wipes.
Spider Wing all bosses cleared no wipes.

Last night we were 2 men down for the night due to no-shows and cancellations but our raid leader took us to Naxx none the less to see if we could get through it.

Patchwerk is a wall. A big fat wall of PAIN.

I mean don't get me wrong, we've gotten past him already last week, but 2 people missing and its just pain city.

This is NOT a dps for melee and no-matter what we tries it just ended every try with the melee going down hard and fast.

Its so unforgiving. Its a DPS race - but the healers cant heal anyone but the 3 tanks. melee have to keep themselves under 8/9k health or die a horrible insta-gib death.

Anyway so we moved on and took down Sartharion then the raid disbanded.

My first egg from the Oracles hatched today, and I got the White birdy non-combat pet out of it.
Bought another one - and just gotta play the waiting game till I can get the other 2 non-combat pets and eventually I imagine the Mount.

PS - If anyone is after the "Red Winter Hat" the best place to get it is normal Nexus - 2/3 level 80's can skip most of the mobs as long as you've got a ret-paladin/warrior/druid - well any melee class that can take a beating from 3/4 mobs at once. The mage boss in there seems to have a 100% drop rate of the hat. Much easier than years past.

PPS - Has anyone seen a blue "!" running around in Dalaran on the mini-map called "Frostie"?

I saw it twice last night...I cant find any mention of it anywhere on the web and nothing on the WoW forums either.

Please tell me I'm not seeing things!!!