Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Solo'ing Instances.

Hey guys! Just wanted to write a blog post about something I've always tried to do to the best of my ability as a way to prove myself as a decent ret-paladin.

So at the weekend I thought to my self "Now I'm 80 and decked out in some nice epics its time to go see Onyxia again. I'd been to see her at level 70 and solo'd her but that was in beta, before all the nerf's.

Would it be possible again?

In short: Yes! As usual the trash leading to Ony herself proved to be more of a pain in the butt than the dragon herself. She had just over 1 million health, and contrary to popular belief you can melee her in phase 2, she went down in just under 20 minutes. Easy as pie. For the most part I played it safe. Using seal of Light and Wisdom when required. I switched out to Seal of Command for a few seconds here and there when she wasn't doing anything particularly nasty.

The whelps went down fast with the new consecrate ticking for 4/500.

So that got me thinking, a few days before I'd gone and cleared out most of Normal Ramparts in Hellfire Peninsula, I wonder if it'd be possible for me to solo a level 70 Heroic?

Obviously I'd only have to do the bosses and given my level I could probably skip the majority of the trash mobs.

Does anyone think this could be possible? I might try tonight if I get time to go have a stab at heroic Ramparts.

Edit - I've re-enabled anonymous comment posting again.