Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Question That I Have..

Just a quick one - 2nd post today - I was talking to a fellow Raiding Ret last night and he asked how my DPS was in raids and to be honest overall its been 2-2.5k. He was shocked about this and said he was putting out 3.2k dps.

I was a little shocked - looking at his gear he has more or less the same as me, and I'd go out on a limb and say I was better geared than him.

Check out his armory link (if its working....) and compare it to mine.

I cant see what I'm doing wrong. I've tried reading what I could get my head around here. (Great site for Ret btw)

Can anyone find a spell rotation for me? something that will get me to improve my dps by 1k? Does that even seem possible?

I still have upgrades to come as well - I'm almost exalted with Sons of Hodir - should have that by next week and I'm saving up mats to get the +115 AP weapon enchant unless you recommend I go for something different? (using +85 AP at the mo)

I'm WAY over my hit cap I think (142 is the cap still?) I'm running with 296 (9.03%) Around 4-5k AP in raids 35% odd crit in raids, with 200 odd Haste Rating. (cant remember off hand)