Monday, 8 December 2008

Weekend Updates - Armageddon

Hey Peeps! Its been a busy weekend in Azeroth more than usual as I was able to get some good time in playing! Man I hate the cold weather in this country!!

Anyway What did I get up to? Well quite a lot I managed to get done:

Sons of Hodir - Exalted! Now I gotta save up for my Grand Ice Mammoth

Sholozar Basin - all quests cleared and I've started my rep grind with The Oracles.
(leaving me with 10-15 quests left in Icecrown to get the Loremaster of Northrend Achievement)

Finally decided which toon to level to 80 next, the switfly changed my mind;

I got my mage to level 70 (from 68) in Northrend really REALLY fast. Only to then run out of rested bonus. What I've decided to do is level each toon in the same area (Borean Tundra) to start off with till I run out of rested bonus, then switch to the next toon.

This will maximise XP received for killing mobs all the way to 80. Well that's what I think anyway! HA!

Rage started our domination of the 25 man content Yesterday! Starting with Archavon (man that dude is cake!) and we cleared out the Spider Wing and the Death Knight Wing.

The encounters were a little harder, but having more DPS, more Tanks, more Healers meant that we either took the various bosses down first time, or on the 2nd try. The hardest to co-ordinate was Instructor Razuvious. Getting 4 priests to time their Mind Controlling was a real challenge the first time, and even then we got him down to 30/40% before the wipe was called and we got him 2nd time. The night ended on a high for me when the 4 horsemen chest contained:

Two Hand Sword

554-831 Dmg Speed 3.40

(203.7 damage per second)

+101 Strength

+108 Stamina
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 58.
Equip: Improves haste rating by 100.

Wow! I nearly fell off my chair! I've gone for the Berserker enchant on it (Damn that cost me a lot - those Abyss Crystals cost too much, and I only had to buy 6!!) which has a chance to increase Attack Power by 400 at the cost of 25% of your armour.

I'll get a proper test of that sword tonight in Naxx as we clear our the other 2 wings.
I also got these from A Noob! (Anub'Rekhan)

Sabatons of Sudden Reprisal
Feet Plate

1580 Armor

+67 Strength

+82 Stamina

Blue Socket

Socket Bonus: +4 Strength

Equip: Improves Critical Strike Rating by 66.
Equip: Improves haste rating by 43.

I've put some random purple gem in there, and Icewalker to keep my Hit rating capped(its dropped to 290 now)

I just need to find a nice new trinket and some rings!

Look at that thing! ITS HUGE!!!!

(its so big, whilst on my back, the tip of it scrapes along the ground!)