Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Into The Obsidian Sanctum...

Hey guys! More raid news from a quick raid we had last night.

Our 10-man team formed up and we were told to head to the Chamber of Aspects.


"Where's that?"

Were most of the replies - including myself in that! Ha Ha!

The Chamber of Aspects, if you've not discovered it yet, is a large room at the bottom of the dragon tower in Dragonblight. It has 5 "doors" that least to 5 caves for each of the dragonflight factions (Red, Green, Blue, Bronze and Obsidian)

The only one that is open at the moment is The Obsidian Sanctum.

In here lives 4 dragons; Sartharion, and his 3 buddies, Shadron - Tenebron and Vesperon.

Basically you get more loot if you can defeat Sartharion with either 1, 2 or 3 drakes still alive and in the fight.

We just cleared all 3 drakes tonight and the trash then killed Sartharion.

The 3 drakes are basic tank and spank, with a special ability that needs to be followed.

Each of them with spawn a portal that the whole group will need to go into apart from the Main Tank and his Primary healer.

Once inside the portal there will be a mob inside that needs to be killed asap. (Or in one of the portals a bunch of eggs that need to be nuked down or when you pop back to the "real world" each of the eggs will turn into a whelp than needs to be killed before you can start DPS on the mini-boss again.

Sartharion himself is a fairly straight-forward fight - the usual dragon thing - watch the tail and dps don't stand in front of him or be cleaved. Every now-and-again an emote will pop up saying "The lava surrounding Sartharion churns" and some lava waves will spawn from the sides and sweep across the area you're standing. These waves MUST be avoided or upon contact a fire elemental will spawn and you have kill that before returning dps to Sartharion. Elementals also spawn that have to be off tanked.

Our first try on this guy was a success with 2 people dead very early on so he's not difficult really you just need to make sure you stay out of the way of the waves.

Here is a pic of his corpse!

After we went and had 1 shot at Malygos just to see what it was all about and to prepare for the future when we're geared up a bit more. Wow that seemed like a slap in the face! Cant wait to down this dude!