Sunday, 19 October 2008

Retribution Builds for Level 70 and beyond.

Hey peeps! So I promised Iandrix that I'd put up what I thought were good builds for level 70 and I thought I'd try to make up something for level 80 as well.

Level 70 Ret Raiding Build
This is the build I'm using Live at the moment for Raiding. As you can see I've only put 2 points in Fanaticism. And so far I've not had a huge issue with threat so far. Hand of Salvation has saved my butt very well so far! But the threat generation warriors have at the moment is awesome.

Here are some more more builds i threw together..I had a real hard time going for anything nice for the 70 pvp build - I really cant decide if its really necessary...but some survivability would be nice...but then I have full pvp gear but rarely use it!!

Level 70 Ret PvP Build

Level 80 Ret Raiding Build

Level 80 Ret PvP Build

If anyone has any suggestions then by all means link different builds!

Edit: I fixed the 80 Ret PvE build!