Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hot Fix....Live?

Hey guys, just a quick post to make a quick post on what was going on last night.

The guild went into Sunwell again and cleared the first 2 bosses and due to lack of healers stopped.

One thing I noticed was that I was running out of mana, but I seem to have worked out a few things so I can keep it topped up when i need to.

So on Brutalus, who we took down on our 3rd/4th try i was tinkering around with stuff as i'd seen i was having to drink again between trash pulls.

So what i'm doing is this: going full out - CS, DS, SoComm, Wings, Judgement of Light, even Consecrating when it was up. Till i got to aout 50% mana the i just stopped consecrating and instead of judging light i judged wisdom.

This returned my mana to about 90/100% so then I popped judgement of light instead and started consecrating again.

Now I'm not 100% sure that the nerfs were live, but I definatly was noticing I was running out of mana, and I wasnt getting as much mana back from judgements as I had been.

After the raid I ran over to the Test Dummies in Ironforge and started plugging away.

Solo i was getting 1450 DPS or there abouts without wings then up to 1650/1700 or so with wings up.

I'm gonna try tonight again and see what the crack is!

Watch this space...