Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Fun In Naxxramas and the PTR!!

Hey guys'n'gals! its another Wednesday morning and the servers are down, so I thought I'd post something up to keep me busy before work!

Oh and by the way, the blizzard downloader is currently downloading more stuff for the new patch - its up to 1.5gb now. (I had already downloaded the 900 or so mb)

Anyways last nights raid was cancelled so no updates on Illidan but one of our guildies Senias, is a bit of a completest and decided that he wanted to go into Naxx to pick up some patterns he didn't have on his tailor warlock.

Knowing full well that there is going to be a new set of frost-res gear available from someone in Wrath of the Lich King!!

Basically in the Death Knight wing there is a vendor with the patterns who is locked up in a cage at the back of the first main room. Its quite a big room so we had to be fast and safe. Our plan? To run in, bubble then when Sathy was in position cast Divine Intervention onto her so she could safely talk to the NPC and get the patterns.

So it took us a few tries but we got there in the end!

Here's a vid of the event I made! (Right Click, Save Target As... 55mb)

Also I managed to get 50 mounts in the PTR and now have the Albino Drake:

Click images for larger versions!