Friday, 24 October 2008

Enjoy It While It Lasts...

So the nerf is coming and there's nothing we can do about it.

So what am I planning on doing about it? I'm going to PvP as much as I can before I loose 45% of my damage. Cos lets face it, thats what we're loosing more or less.

45% of our crit damage...

You know I seem to remember blizzard saying somewhere not long ago that "the whole point of Paladin dps is Big Crits." well not any more! Now we're about sustained damage.

But whats done is done, there's nothing any amount of QQ'ing is going to do about it.

I will be very VERY upset if this affects our perfomance in Raids. Lets see if this bleed effect actually does enough damage (cant see it doing 45% of our crit damage....>_>)

I'm tempted to start stacking agility/crit bonus gear/gems - if I'm not allowed to have 45% of my crit damage - I'll just have to get up to 85% (Joking! But it'd be nice eh?)

Anyway I'll not be crying about it any more - unless its to say "I'm re-rolling to a Death Knight"


Anyway....Wrath is with is in 3 weeks and the Lich King has starting making his presence know in Azeroth and Outland...(especially in Shattrath actually it seems - the amount of corpses around!)

I was the first in the guild to notice the Argent Healers popping up all over the place.

So its totally cool to become a mindless zombie...brrraaiiinss....especially when you blow yourself up in a bank or Auction House! Ha!

I've not seen any boxes of grain in the major cities as yet but I hear there a a lot in Booty Bay. I wonder if there is going to be any sort of quests like the pre-tbc event.
I imagine the zombie event is just the start!

Gonna keep my ears and eyes open for more though!

One of the cool features is you can talk to people in the other faction while your a zombie! Had a nice conversation with a hordie while we were poisoning people in shatt! (Players cant attack you in shatt so you take it upon yourself to attack them and the NPC's. More Zombies for our army of the undead!)

So enjoy this event and more importantly - Enjoy being A true bringer of Justice and Light. For our time to shine is nearly at an end....