Monday, 27 October 2008

Firelight, Hand of A'dal

Hey peeps.

Feeling pretty glum today, know that in less than 36 hours 3.0.3 will go live on the European servers and Retribution Paladins will be stood in a bucket, while the mafia consisting of Rogues, Warlocks, Warrior, and those damned resto druids fill the bucket with quick drying cement and then dumped off the nearest bridge into the canals in Stormwind.

Its been a fun few weeks with all the changes to Achievements and such..and all that lovely dps...

Here's a quick snapshot from Sunday Nights SSC Run to go take down Vashj and Kael'thas to get the achievement and as I'd taken Vashj down prior to the patch I was still running with the old version of the quest, so a few lucky peeps still managed to get the "Hand of A'dal" title.

So if you have the quest items from either Vashj or Kael prior to 3.0.2 then get your toucas into SSC or TK and snag that title before then hot-fix it in 3.0.3 (probably)

Almost 1.6k DPS - and its been higher, that's just the Highest I managed to remember to grab a screenshot of it. (oh and by the way? 3.5k DPS from hunters? Nerf that please blizzard....i mean COME ON!)

I've really been enjoying the pre-wrath event up until I read all the crap Blizzard are doing to the class.

So anyway I've taken some snaps of the carnage for prosperity! Enjoy..

Oh and er....Nerf Tauren Paladins!! ;)

Cya Next Time!

Now where can I get a /hug....
PS - Does anyone know if there's an application I can use to write my blog? This tiny little window they give you to post on is really too small - importing pictures is a nightmare...