Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Sunwell...and Hallows End

Hey peeps! So the last 2 nights raids have been in Sunwell and didn't we do well in here!

Monday night we cleared Kalecgos and then Brutallus, then had some tries on Felmyst.

We're in the middle of doing Felmyst wipes at the mo - she's tough! just getting the tactics right is difficult. We'll get her eventually.

I got REALLY lucky yesterday with a trash drop and picked up these bad boys!!

I was actually shocked these drop - usually I'm not lucky with drops like this!

In other news - I've managed to complete all of the achievements for Hallows End apart from 1 - I need to get the Squashling pet - but I've never seen it drop.

Kinda sucky - I've read some blue posts about it:

I understand completely that people want to get the achievement, the title, and the mount, and therefore the concept of an achievement that may be intended to be uncommon is not a popular one. I wish everyone the best of luck; while I realize I may have frustrated you today with my answers, but I simply wanted it known that everything brought forth as a concern regarding the Sinister Calling achievement was discussed and the achievement was judged reasonable. We'd read the feedback and we understand where you're coming from but the achievement is still right about where we want it to be in terms of being able to complete it.

That isn't to say we won't make tweaks to the availability of the items in question, but chance will still play a part if we do. We have no intent of making the items use a quest, token, or other guaranteed system to achieve.

Also I've read this and it doesnt look too good...

We don't nerf anyone due to public outcry. If we did, there would probably be 1-2 classes left that were even PvP viable. Smiley At most seeing a lot of QQ about one class might get us to look at the numbers to see if there is any truth to the matter. However I will say that in this case there were so many people telling us the same thing that it's hard to come up with an explanation for how they can all be wrong and some of the Ret paladins be right. (I say "some" because several Ret paladins admit they were killing stuff to fast.)

We collect a lot of data from both Beta and the live servers, and Ret paladins were killing people very quickly and often, especially at level 70. Even after the nerfs, they are still very good at 70.

It's never fun to nerf anyone and we know the boards are going to be on fire for several days when we do it. It's our fault that the imbalance existed in the first place and we needed to take steps to correct it. Players are understandably nervous about the new world order with all of the changes we've made to classes and combat. Most of them, I am confident, want to see balance problems fixed quickly.

But we'll just have to wait and see...