Thursday, 16 October 2008

What an evening!!

Hey peeps!! Hows everyone today?

I'm fantastic!

Last night after I got in from work, I finished patching my wow client, updated my addons and booted into the game, then I logged off and switched off my addons!

So after a bit of fiddling - relearning some things from my trainer and odds and end here and there the main 25 man raid was cancelled so we decided to head into ZA.

Well that was the plan - it took a little bit of time to implement due to the Eastern Kingdoms mystically disappearing on and off last night from time to time.. I only got caught in one of the crashes thankfully.

Anyway I finally made it up there and while we were waiting a few of the guildies were eager to see what Ret could do...

Well our Rogue Class Leader who has always been a difficult person to duel was ripped to shreds by my new abilities - This he tried 3/4 times and the result was the same each time!

Our Prot warrior on the other hand - well he hurts!! Whatever it is that they can do that returns the damage to the attacker is pretty nasty!!

Anyway we went into Zul'Aman and wow...did we clear the place fast!!!

Start to finish - 57 minutes! What a shame the bear mount is gone!

So at about 12:30am this morning after I'd been running around doing some small achievement things, I logged off...with a big grin on my face...

...Until that is I woke up this morning and came to work and read this post from Blessing of Kings.

Well it seems that Ret-Paladins are just not allowed to have fun ever.

I'll reserve judgement on this till I can try it out. But this is seriously not good....lets hope this is where the nerfing stops.

As almost every other blog site and forum post has stated - Ret will not be OP in Wrath. We will be a viable PVE DPS, and a good PvP class. Which makes a change from not being able to do anything well in TBC.

I mean i did a lot of dueling last night and Ret still suffer the same things as before against classes with Crowd Control - Mages, Warlocks, Resto Druids. Unless we can get within melee range of them. (Basically meaning when Divine Shield isnt on Cool Down) even then they have in game mechanics that can get them away from us...

Why must people just go QQ on forums and moan about Ret when all they need to do is Learn to Play! Work out how to deal with us - the way they had to do in TBC.

I read somewhere a post or thread where someone had said....(not a direct quote)

"Ret Paladins have had to learn how to play very well - to get as much DPS out of a seriously underpowered class in order to be raid viable from a dps point of view, not just from a utility point of now that we finally have been given a nice buff that ability to play well is starting to shine."

Lets hope I don't have to post again about nerfs....hey I can dream can't I?