Monday, 6 October 2008

A Divine Storm is Coming....

Hey peeps! Hows everyone doing out there in WoW land? Here's to hoping you're all well and raring to go...

So in little over a week the Patch 3.0.2 will be coming and boy is it a long time coming. Having been playing on the PTR for a few weeks now I cannot wait to get my new abilities into live and get some action going!

Ok so Ret is hugely buffed compared to live at the moment and everyone knows it Boy do they know it! There are people all over the shop shouting "NERF RET PALAS" and griping and whining about how they're not able to kill us seemingly. Well having been there a few weeks it seems a lot of classes have worked out how best to deal with us. Well provided of course that Divine Shield is on Cooldown!! ;-)

Mages still own us from what I've seen - I was stood outside IronForge just watching all the rets dueling and it seems that classes with good CC and skill are still able to make short work of Retridins. Frost Mages in particular.

And what a lot of people on there have realised is that all this power we have at level 70 will not stand up at 80 - well i hope that we don't get too much of a loss of power at 80 - It'll be interesting to see. November 13th just cant get here quick enough.

In the mean time Rage is getting closer and closer to getting Illidan down - our best try saw him at 45% and if we don't get him down this week, then I imagine with the nerf they've given bosses/elites in TBC from next week (minus 30% health) then we will eventually.

Either way - he's going down, then maybe we can turn our attention to Kael'thas....there's a lot of completest's in the guild that were never 100% happy about moving from TK/SSC to Black Temple and Mount Hyjall when they removed the attunement. I mean dont get me wrong, who's ever not going to be happy about going somewhere new, but SSC and TK should be more than easy for the guild at the current level we're at. There was a lengthy chat about this in the guild channel over there weekend and I think the GM, Kuta, was a little dejected at having so many people apparently not happy with what we're doing at the moment, and wanting to go back and do obsolete content.

Anyway I'm just counting the days till the patch is released and people can start doing some interesting stuff. I love the idea of the Achievement system, and will spending a lot of my time before the expansion doing stuff in there!

Are any of you having similar issues at the moment regarding raids? Or have you stopped altogether?