Friday, 26 September 2008

Small Update...

Well it seems that yes we've lost a tiny bit of healing power - but its really not a huge deal.

A prot paladin and I went into Onyxia last night - I just wanted some company - you know someone to talk to aside from the mindless nothingness of solo'ing.

I buffed myself as much as I could, potions, dps food, and finally the sharpening stones are working again. We had Blessing of Might and Blessing of Kings and off we went.

Immediately my lack of the ability to control my aggro was very obvious. After about 60 seconds or so I started tanking! Bubble - the protadin started tanking again, 12 seconds later bubble wore off and I was tanking again.

Where's Salvation when I need it most....hang on!! Hand of Salvation! Quickly I buffed myself with this and then the Protadin did after mine wore off. This kept me below his threat, but he wasn't a full tanking capacity - i mean how is it possible for a tankadin to only have 3.5k mana! And i thought my mana pool was small. Anyway it was then I noticed that my Mana/Health Potions were still on Cool down....WTF?!?!

They've made the potions cool down last till the end of fights. While this wasn't a problem for me, I can see it would be a huge problem for healers/casters. Unless they have some sort of massive mana regen mechanic.

Maybe its just a big that its back in the game, and not intentional - I remember all the QQ'ing when it was in the PTR before.

Anyway after about 25 minutes we took Onyxia down which was cool. So it would still be possible - which will be a nice way to make 200g or there abouts every 3 days.