Friday, 7 March 2008

Forward Thinking....My Plan.

Hey peeps! Hows everyone doing today?

I've not done any raiding the last couple days bar a 3/4 visit to TK which were un-eventful gear grinding for guildies.

Anyway I've been thinking about what to do recently...i'm getting a little bored of things here and there, but have loved getting my warlock up close to 70.

He's 67 now, so not long to go before I can get him into the 70 BG's and start getting his Season 1 welfare epics.

To this end I'm going to take a 1 or 2 week break from raiding. I need a break.

This will be amazing fun i think...I wont have to re-spec Firelight for a couple of weeks and get his Mace-smithing up as well.

I think every hard-core raider that has to guggle in RL commitments as well eventually sucumbs to a little bit of burn-out.

The Christmas break was a god-send for me. I was able to grind gold for my epic mount, and then get to exalted with Netherwing. This was a big acheivement for me.

If there is a nice reward at the end i can set my sights on the goal and put myself into the grind and accomplish things quickly and efficiently.

Lets see what pans out..

I dont want to miss trips into Hyjal and Black Temple....