Wednesday, 5 March 2008

2 Days - 2 Upgrades!

Hey Peeps!
This is one happy paladin right here!!
I got a 2nd Upgrade(ish) in 2 days last night!!!
Krakken-Heart Breastplate
1728 Armor
+61 Strength
+43 Agility
+42 Stamina
+6 All Stats (enchant i put on it!)
Equip: Improves hit rating by 30.

I'm well chuffed!!
Oh hang! That means Rage downed Vashj for the 2nd time! And this time I was there!

/collects quest item.
Just Kael to go now...oooh we're so close i can almost smell it.
Here's a pic of my standing in Ironforge wearing my Warrior Tier 5 look-a-like gear:
The Meanest-most-badass pala this side of Azeroth.


Looking good eh.

Well I'm happy! I know technically its not really an upgrade from my Armorsmithing breastplate, but its almost the same, and the /use option on the old breastplate was kinda worthless at a stagering 30 minutes cool-down. I mean 150 Strength for 20 seconds is just 330 Attack Power or there abouts - just like my trinkets.....

So now i have to decide...Swordsmith or Macesmith...

The top-end Sword is really nice for PvE, but the mace is awesome in PvP...

I think I'll go for the mace...and slap executioner on it so that it does really well in PvE as well.

Maybe I'll make 2 Maces... One with Executioner on it for PVE, and one with Mongoose or Savegery on it for PvP....Can you have 2 of these items? Or are they unique...

The chest wasnt/isnt Unique. So I should be ok.

Or i'll just use Trollbane for PVE....gah.....I cant decide!

After the raid last night I logged my Warlock, Starslayer, and went back to Nagrand to finish off the quests I had there.

One of the ones I had was to do the Forge Camp quests to kill some elites.

The quest says I should do it with 3 people, but i remembered something I read on Yet Another Warlock Nerf about the Elite Felguards that protect the area. So I sent in my Felguard, cast Curse of Shadows on the Elite and Enslaved him!

Wow this guy has a LOT of hit points. He owned this quest with ease! Every now-and-again i'd have to leave him alone and run away so i could either let him die so he didnt kill me, or reset to his original position. Then I'd re-enslave him and off I'd go!

One part of the quest was to go and get some plans from the Master Engineer. I did the same thing and enslaved a nearby felguard and went in. He went down after a minute or so and i noticed something:

4.5k XP! From 1 mob! LOOOOOOL!!!!

I've got like 3 bars to level my lock to 67...i'm just gonna go and grind that Master Planner! I hope he's on a quick respawn timer!!

Warlock's Own!!

Also can anyone tell me why Blogspots editor freaks out how i have written the text in here when i insert a picture.....Its really annoying.