Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Severe Lack of Upgrades...QQ

Hey people!!

Don't you just LOVE Tuesdays? No? I suppose you're right...they are a bit crappy...

Oh well only 3 days to the weekend!

Anyways the raid geared itself for a SSC Clearance once more.

In we went...All bosses taken down in 1 go (but no vashj we ended early for the night - she's getting fried tonight)

Leotheras didnt drop the talisman again.

Karathress didnt drop the Mace again.

I suppose i got a consolation prize from Lurker:

Ancestral Ring of Conquest
+32 Strength
+21 Agility
+30 Stamina

This is a really nice upgrade from my A'dal's Command i had (from sha'tar rep)

I also got the plans for the red-belt of battle!! So i bid on a vortex. (and won it)

I'm going to try getting a few of these babies to make a couple of these belts. They sell nicely i think and the mats are not too expensive. (5 Hardened Adamantite Bars, 10 Primal Fire and 2 Nether Vortex)

When 2.4 comes out i can buy a couple of the vortex's and craft a couple of these belts to make some nice cash and maybe I can get epics flight for both my alts.

Or I'll spend the cash switching my blacksmithing to Swordsmith...Gah I want that MACE!?!!!!!!

Last night i was in the top 5 of the DPS charts for the whole instance which was just brilliant as usual. On bosses my dps isnt as amazing sadly even with Wind Fury as all the locks/mages get time to pull out the big hits where as my damage is more on a constant level all the time. Sadly that constant isnt amazing...but I'm there as a utility - any damage i do is a bonus! But i got a few pats on the back last night from the top brass so I'm happy!

Tonight we go for Vashj...And i get to hopefully pickup the first of the two quest items for the Hyjal/BT attunement And lets hope for that plate chest she drops! *crosses fingers*