Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Long Dusty Road...

Morning Peeps!

Its been a few days since the last update but thankfully there's not much to tell...

The usual lack level of progression in raids, we're owning bosses we had slow fights on such as Karathress and A'lar, and last night we got to phase 4 on Kael'thas which was brilliant progress. I even got my hands on the Legendary Axe!! That was cool.

I've made my decision with regards to my blacksmithing and gone the path of Master Mace-smith.

To get the Storm Herald I need to make and upgrade Thunder, to Deep Thunder, then Deep Thunder to Storm Herald.

Thunder needs:

20x Primal Air
20x Primal Water
6x Hardened Adamantite Bars
12x Khorium Bars

Deep Thunder needs:

10x Primal Mana
8x Primal Nether

Storm Herald needs:

5x Nether Vortex

Now I started farming this morning. I got half an hour early to do so!

I hit Nagrand for the Primal Airs and farmed for 1 hour.

I got 11 Primal Airs (and 2 blue items that i popped on the AH!)

So thats pretty good going for 1 hours grinding.

I love being an engineer! Such a good investment that proffession change was.

Anyway so tonight i'm gonna do the same till i get all the primal air's then hit Zangarmarsh for the Primal Waters. I'm trying to think what mobs drop Motes of Water in Zangarmarsh...most seem to just drop motes of life. I'm sure there are some water elementals somewhere...

So once i have the Water its on to Netherstorm to farm 10 Primal Mana's. Aside from the gas-clouds there are plenty of mana beings out there to kill so shouldn't be too hard to get 10 Primals.

I already have 1 Primal Nether in the bank, and 68 Badges of Justice. Now i could buy the nethers, but i'm going to try and get some the normal way, but its just a lot for work to get 7 primals...i mean the drop rate isnt 100% from the bosses in Heroics...

So I think i'm just going to get 2 badges and buy the Nethers from the badge vendor.

Then that just leaves me with the Nether Vortex's.

I have 1 that i got last night in the raid. I also am owed one by one of the guildies. That leaves me needed to get 3 from raid drops or buying them when 2.4 comes out.

I just hope i'm present in raids with the warrior, and we get a lot of vortex's!!

If i get lucky i might have this crafted in a week.

Then I've got to farm mats for Executioner.

God knows what they are.

Here's the Vital Statistics for Stormherald:

386-579 Damage
127.0 Damage Per Second
+42 Strength
+42 Agility
+61 Stamina
Chance on Hit: Stuns Target for 4 sec.

I'm going to start making pots on my warlock to sell as well - that is a very lucrative business. Its just finding the time to do everything I need!!!

I need more time to do stuff! Sometimes I wish I didnt have to work! Dont we all.

So i should definatly have Deep Thunder crafted tonight maybe... Just need 2 Badges...

Where can I get 2 badges from quick.... Bugger it..