Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Closer and closer..

Hey peeps.

A few things to update you guys on so i'll get straight to it!

Last night after work i quickly got logged onto Starslayer and got those last 3 bars full and Dinged 70!!!!

Quickly followed by me respec'ing SL/SL for survival in PvP.....yeah right...more on that later!

We went into TK:Eye and cleared 3/4 bosses. Nothing interesting to report other than the Paladin tank who was taking care of the adds on A'lar kept getting killed on the transition from phase 1 to 2. So we had a few forced wipes there, but got him down eventually. But it delayed the raid enough that we didnt get a couple of cracks at Kael'thas.

So after I logged my Warlock, picked up the Daily Battle Ground quest in Alterac Valley, and signed up. Oh My God...

Having only been 70 for 5 minutes i was easy pickings for pretty much anything! Also I've never taken a castery type into the battlegrounds before, so that didnt help.

In the end the Alliance one by default as the horde ran out of Re-inforcements. I managed to pick up 1200 Honor and logged for the night.

I died a LOT. But I managed to kill a few people as well. I need to work out how to play this dude in pvp cos i was having a lot of fun when i was able to kill stuff!

I dueled a mage in our guild in full epics from TK/SSC and beat him! It was quite funny actually.

No WoW for me tonight, The guild are going to TK to take on kael - Good luck to them! Fingers crossed they get him down.