Friday, 14 March 2008

Deep Thunder...

Hey guys!

A few updates today for you guys!

I've finished faming mats for Thunder, crafted the bugger last night. Then we went into SSC and cleared 5/6 leaving only Vashj.

I was really annoyed as not one single nether vortex dropped!! NOT ONE!

So I was quite annoyed as I was ready to get the final product made and use it this weekend.

However I did manage to get a primal nether from a heroic Slave Pens after the raid and crafted Deep Thunder.

Now after i created i helped a guildie-alt in Auchenai Crypts. Not once did the stun proc. Does it only work on Players?

I tried it again this morning on mobs doing a couple of dailys and still nothing...not one "mace stun effect" seemed to proc from this weapon.

What did surprise me is how this mace is better than my axe: Trollbane. Even without an enchant. I think i might slap Savagery on this for the time being till i can get the vortex's as its probably going to be a couple of weeks before I can get them all.

Which brings us onto a good question: When is 2.4 Coming out.

Someone speculated last night that it wont be till June/July time as the patch includes that Mid-Summer Festival thing. I think this might be correct as when i was last on the PTR that event was in full swing. Unless they were just testing it? If this is the annoying!

But it does give people plenty of time to gather things such as badges etc. Especially as i spent 60 of the buggers last night on nethers. But getting back 60 badges is only 2.5 kara runs. No big deal for our guild. In fact i'm going tonight!

But is there anything I really need from the badge gear? And how long will it take our server to open up the vendor....Kinda makes you wonder if all the effort of collecting badges will be worth it. Quite a few people seem to be under the impression that they'll be able to get hold of these items as soon as 2.4 comes out.....*rolls eyes*

Time will tell...