Monday, 17 March 2008

Weekend of Warcraft...

Hey peeps. Hope you all had a good weekend.

My girlfriend is away visiting her parents for 6 day so I've had a very busy WoW weekender.

So Friday is not a scheduled raid night any more so I found myself staring at my logon screen. What should I do. Starslayer was just into 67, but I should go do something that generates some money right? Well I logged Starslayer anyway and decided to level up his herbalism. I got him up to 180 before i got bored of it and just started doing the quests he had is his log.

Saturday I carried on where I'd left off, but had to leave him at just 68 to go get my hair cut. When I got back Fire was invited into a non-alt badge run to Kara. We cleared the place in just over 3 and a half hours. Nice! I even got some nice tanking bracers and a nice neck item with hit rating on it which i might play with.

After that I logged back to Starslayer and hit up a few instances.

I also started the Kara key quest. Got the first Fragment from shadow labs, and the second Fragment from Steamvaults! So he just needs his mount and 70 to get to arcatraz for the third keyfragment!

Yesterday I worked hard on this guy, managed to get to 69 with ease doing quests and instances.

Last night i helped the guild-master, Kuta, get his shadow-priest the first key in Shadow-labs. This was my 3rd visit to the place in 1 day. Twice with Starslayer, and once with Firelight for the daily heroic(which by the way took almost as long as a full Karazhan clear!)

Anyway on the last run I got the Robes of Oblivion which was a real result! Quite happy about that I can tell you! Gwindle was rockin' those Robes for quite some time, so its nice to get them where they belong finally.

Anyway it was 1:15 in the morning and i had to be up for work so I tore myself away leaving Starslayer screaming "NOOOO!!! Only 3 bars!!!!"

Yep! Only 3 bars from 70! Quite excited!! This weekend is gonna be filled with warlock PvP ownage with any luck! I'm quite excited! obviously i'm going to get splatted at the start, but i'm determined to get this dude some welfare epixxx!!

Tempest Keep this evening.. I'm really hoping that we get 4x Nether Vortex's drop so i can craft my Stormherald!! None dropping in SSC was really annoying last week.

My auto-download client downloaded patch 2.4 at the weekend.....all 260mb's of it. So therefore is 2.4 closer than a lot of people think? MMO-Champion said the same... I do hope its sooner rather than later....