Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Guild Drama..

Hey Guys! Hope all are well and getting excited about Ulduar coming soon.

So I guess by the title of the post you've guessed what I'm going to be writing about tonight.

I'm sure we've all been through Guild Drama at one time or another during the course of playing WoW and tonight was the first time I've had to deal with it for a long time.

The guild has been having a few issues lately getting enough people to form 25-man raids. People seem to be burning out a little on the current content being to easy or something.

We've had a few core veterans leave due to real life issues as well and that hasn't helped either.

So tonight's raid formed up and we were 5 men down for Naxx. So we pulled together what we had and said we'd do the Achievement for doing Naxx with less than 21. All was going fine, we cleared the Spider wing with no problems one shotting all 3 bosses and then we moved to Patchwerk. Now the last few weeks we've had issues with the melee group getting Hateful Strikes and nearly always this would lead to a wipe. It was so bad one time I resigned myself to ret-healing - standing at the back and helping spam Flash of Light one of the tanks.

The biggest problem we seem to have is Chain Heal from our Resto Shamans. This and the extra things resto Shamans have that cause instant crit heals on raid members in range.

As a melee dps its really frustrating. No-one like wiping - especially if we cant even get him down in under 3 minutes for the achievement.

So tonight this was the straw that broke the horses back for me and after the 4th wipe on patchwerk I left the raid and logged off.

I gave myself sometime to cool off and popped over to my hordie and had a chat with Tim over at Suicidal Zebra. Some minutes later I logged back onto my banker toon and whispered one of my guildies who was leading the raid tonight. He had told our resto shaman and the rest of the melee to cool off or he'd kick people from the guild and then disbanded the raid.

I logged onto Firelight, said that I wont be threatened into shutting up when I knew what was wrong and what had to be done to stop the melee from being killed and /gquit.

I then had the majority of guild members whispering and our GM and I had a long chat on ventrillo. A few minutes later I was back in the guild, but he said something interesting;

"Its no one persons fault that all of this is happening, its Blizzards fault for causing people to get burnt out so quickly"

This made sense to me - I mean why would someone leave the guild (our main raid leader) stating that due to our lack of ability to gather 25 people together and not being able to kill Sartharion with 3 Drakes up.

After all of this I've decided to take a raiding break with my Paladin till 3.1 is out. I'm going to log on and play still, but I'm going to level up some alts and try some other things - probably end up doing some 10-mans with my Boomkin.

As I said before we've all been affected one way or another by guild drama, all we can do is try to pull ourselves through it, learn from it, and move on.