Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ulduar First Impressions

Hey peeps - wow did I have a fantastic night last night!

So around about 5pm I logged onto WoW and spent a little while setting up my talent build for raiding, and so far it seems to be holding up. I went for a pve/pvp build - taking a few things from the ret tree that are considered pvp talents. I cant remember the exact build I'll post it later maybe!

Anyway then I got my addons sorted - WoWmatrix is gone - long live Curse Client. If you've not read about wowmatrix then i suggest you go find the article thats floating about.

Anyway I shed a couple of addons that weren't up to date, and logged in - all seemed OK - I didn't have any problems at all really. Of the ones that weren't updated they all still worked OK.

So I went up to the Argent Tournament and started the quests up there, managed to get all that finished including all the dailys and all of the first part of the black knight quest line - not sure when I get to pick that up again - time will tell.

Our Guild Master had postponed the raid to 9pm server time - giving me plenty of time to prep - get some pots made up etc and get everything ready for Ulduar.

I also popped down to booty bay to pick up my sandbox tiger!! Cute!

Anyway I flew up to Storm Peaks and entered the instance.

When the loading screen disappeared I was at the graveyard outside Scarlett Monastery??

Double You Tee Eff!!?!??!?

Grrr - good thing the hearthstone is only 30 minutes now!

Hearthed back - only to be faced with "World Server is Down!" Oh here we go!! We're all ready to go into Ulduar and we cant!!! /cry

OK 5 mins later the server was back up - and we entered. 30/40 mins later and after the Raid leaders decided who is going to be in what vehicles we started the event.

1 word for you...


I was driving one of these bad boys:

I love it!! I cant wait to have a go on the other vehicles next week! The motorbike looks fun!

Oh and button 6 is hilarious! When you get that warning up on the screen saying "Ambister had moved to the catapult" hilarity ensues!!!

After we wiped the 2nd time the raid leaders were changing tactics again and the Death Knight Class Leader came to me and said;

"Fire, launch me!!!"

"Woot??? Where?"

"At the boss!!!"


So I positioned myself in the middle of the group so no-one would see and Patoooeeee!!! Archael gets fired at the boss!! I'm already turned around and running away as fast as my chariot can take me! Me and Arch (dave) were in stitches!!

So on the 4th try we got Flame Leviathan down - I don't think any of us wanted to get him down we were having so much fun in there! What a wicked cool fight!

Can you tell I was excited about it?

After we downed him it was Raid Over. We noticed we had Wintergrasp and decided to run down and have a look at the new boss in there, but we only had 20 people willing to come. We managed to take down Archavon, and all I'm willing to say about our 3 attempts at the new guys is OUCH! 26k chain lightning? Trash mobs that wiped 1 third of the raid?

To quote my hero Strongbad: "Holy Crap!"

So tonight we press forward in Ulduar - I'm just wishing the day away!! Bring on Home Time!!