Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Guild Drama Part 2 - The Aftermath

Firstly let me say thanks to all who commented on my last post - its good to know that there are a few people out there with something to add to this dilemma.

I'm going to start by answering a few people now;

@ Peregrine - Thanks for the support buddy - I'm sure things will be OK once 3.1 comes next week(maybe)

@ Ithilien - You of course were right - Just stopping wasn't the right thing to do, more on that later. Lots of guilds in game seem to be having this problem - Blizzard made the game too easy on one hand then ridiculously stupid-hard on the other. But nothing that a little focus can overcome. I didn't stop raiding - I just started using my Druid to raid instead just to make the experience feel fresher - Ignoring the plate items and getting some nice t7.5 upgrade for my Boomkin.

@ Barrista - Like you I've been to pretty much every raid from day one - There were not many of us that did that 10-man content but I was there a few weeks after Wrath came out gearing up further. It can be difficult carrying people through the raid content now, but it feels good none the less knowing that most of those people will stay with us. (And there will be some scumbags that just use the guild as a stepping stone to gear up then leave to go elsewhere....I hate those people....)

@ Tay - I feel your pain friend - Making the decision to drop out of the raid cos so many people are cheesing you off is hard, but sometimes its all you can do to stop you from tearing your hair out.

@ Darrtanus - I've not been into Oculus for at least 2 months...everyone hates it! You know why? Cos its one of the only 5-mans in Wrath that requires a lot of skill from everyone in the group. I would never PuG Oculus. I desperately want to go in there though to get my heroic achievements done.

So thanks to you peeps - love you long time!

Anyway lets fill you in on whats been happening. Rage lost a few key members from all of this drama, including our Raid Leader Carinthalas. He wanted to be in a progression guild...and apparently Sarth +3D is what he wanted to complete - personally while I do want that title and the mount I cannot see the point really - there's no more loot, but you get to say "Look! Our guild are leet enough to do Sarth+3D!" and that can mean a lot to people.

But lets not forget that we are a progression guild - we've had problems with bosses in the past, but nothing a little work cant pull us through.

We also lost a couple of member who just seemed to be in the guild to leech loot and not add anything to our group. This burns me off so much. So farewell to you.

We've started recruiting again and have gotten in some really good people it seems and our GM is in talks with another raid guild that seem to be in a similar place to us, about a possible merger - Rage soaking up their best members and ditching the rubbish. I wont mention the guild name on here in case anyone is reading.

We'll see how that pans out - We're all wary of guild mergers - but given the losses we've had lately from people leaving or quitting WoW it seems necessary if we are to progress in Ulduar.

Well Ulduar is a week away it seems so we shall see what happens.

Good Luck To Us All....

Edit: Does anyone know or have you heard anything about the new dances we were promised?