Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Dual Spec'd Up & Argent Tournament

Hey Guys'n'Gals (are there really any girls reading this?)

So just wanted to touch base with a few things I've been doing in-game recently.

So I've been beavering away at the Argent Tournament and this morning I made it to Champion of Stormwind and I'm now "Firelight of Stormwind" Another title to add to the long list of titles in my repartee! (over 20 now I think!)

I'm now going to have to start the arduous task of saving up tokens for the mounts/pets. I think I need to save up 140 per faction and 250 for the flyer.

I think I'm going to switch factions and champion each of them as it only seems to take 8 days to do that and you get a bonus 10 tokens - unless its more profitable to do the dailys (5 tokens per day?)

I only just managed to get the champion beaten before I had to leave for work, so I've not had a proper chance to weigh up the options and make a proper decision. I'll have a play tonight and see whats what!

Also over the weekend I finally got round to picking up the dual spec and last night I got my chance to put it to practise!

I've gone protection for my alternate spec. I've got mostly all 25-man tanking gear so I'm over the defense cap.

So late last night one of the guildies is "Looking for a tank for heroic" I whisper him that I'll come - I need the practise!

Thinking it was going to be Halls of Stone - somewhere nice and relatively easy we ended up going to Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom. One of the harder instances.
Bearing in mind I've not properly tanked an instance since I was level 70 and even then I was only tanking 5-mans and not heroics, I did well. (so i was told anyway!)

There were some difficult pulls in there - and my rotation seems to wipe my mana pool pretty darn quickly - need to talk to the other pally tanks in there to see whats what with regards to that - cos I was blowing mana pots like there was no tomorrow, but we didn't wipe and only once or twice did a couple of the dps get killed (although not my fault thankfully!!)

I tell you what - doing that insanity bit in there as a protection paladin was really painful.

I was able to stay alive for each of the splits but it was impossible for me to kill anyone due to the 2 priests that were constantly healing each other and the rest of the team. Thankfully the rest of the team came to my aid when they'd cleared their mobs.

I was glad of the practise to be honest because I've kinda put my name down as a possible tank for tonight's 25-man raid in Ulduar (razorscale) to our GM, Kuta. He said it would be good due to the lack of tanks we have signed. The Pressure is ON!