Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Hey guys.

Not much to report of late from in-game Retribution related stuff that hasn't already been covered elsewhere.

I moved my Death Knight who's now 70 to Silvermoon-EU - He's now called...oh...err...I forgot what I called him!! I'll check tonight and update this!

The Reason? Well my mum's new Boyfriend has 2 level 80 characters on here, and my sister wanted us to play together! Sounds wierd I know, so I created a paladin and started leveling him up before realising he was seriously lacking gear and money! So off my DK went - with his 750g on him from questing.

Rage have changed their rules regarding raiding and dkp and attendance. A lot of people have not been raiding much, due to RL issues I imagine. This includes myself. But they have also opened up Naxxramas to alts - so I hope to get my Druid in there for some Boomkin love!

I ran some more tests on the PTR - checking out the new changes to SotM and I'm impressed.
At a test dummy I managed a sustained 3.3k DPS with just self buffs (BoM, 180AP Flask, +40Str Food) and was still able to not run out of mana too fast - with raid mana-regen we should be ok I think.

Also has anyone noticed they've added a nice Yellow Lightning effect to Divine Storm? It only happens sometimes, but I think it looks really nice. Subtle.

I'll grab a screenie later and post it.

I've just completed my Protection set - made up of mostly 25-man naxx items - which is really nice! I finished enchanting it and gemming the gear up and in Ret spec i'm running at 27k health with Kings. Very Nice! Now when 3.1 comes out I can try some tanking! I'm a bit out of practise so will need to do some normal runs before I jump into heroics!

Practise Makes Perfect!