Sunday, 26 April 2009

Firelight the Noble

Hey guys! You're all loving the Noblegarden today!! Isn't it cool!!


Here's a couple of pics of me on my epic journey across Tanaris and Un'goro!

It only took me a few hours to get the meta achievement done - I'm glad it was pretty easy I was sweating quite a lot that I wouldn't get the Love is Around meta due to terrible RNG achievements. The only thing plaguing me this time around is the tuxedo pants! I'm sure they'll come!

Are all of you peeps having fun? What really gets my goat is people are supposed run around looking but instead they seem set on just camping spawn spots. Boring! I've been keeping with the run around as a rabbit nabbing eggs from the campers wherever possible!

Ok about the last post I made - I guess my idea of what they should have done with Death Knights was a bit more or less what people expected. That's how I wish they'd done it! Like it or loath it - it was just a bit of fun!

The Argent Tournament presses on also! I'm now championed with Stormwind and Exodar! Darnassus next.

So bring on Children's Week!!

Happy Egg Hunting!