Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ding! 2nd 80 - Time to level up the 3rd!

Hey guys!

Spent the weekend focused on getting Gwindle to level 80. Somehow even though I wanted to level my mage up first, I was always going to level her up before any of the others.

So I have to decide what to go for next - aside from getting into heroics and naxx-10 with Gwindle - Who do I level next?

The Mage, The Warlock, or burn through the TBC content again with my 65 Death Knight.

Its a fairly steady income for my raiding from selling all the greens/greys and AH'ing all non soulbound items.

In Achievement news - Firelight is up to 81 out of 100 Mounts for the Mountain of Mounts Achievement - which is pretty mental when I think about it!!

Rage continues to work hard on Sartharion with 3 Drakes up. With 2 we clear it first time. But with the 3rd we're having problems when the 3rd drake lands - key members of the raid are getting killed fast and its kinda frustrating.

I'm not sure where things are going wrong here but considering how simple Sarth +2D is why is +3D such a big step up? I'm guessing its cos of the debuffs, but we can usually take Tenebron down really fast so he's either dead or almost dead when the 2nd Drake joins the fray.

We'll be going there again tonight to give it a try if we have the raid members present.

This week I've also been playing a bit of Warhammer. Created a Warrior Priest (of course!) called Firelight and I'm currently level 5. Will be doing a bit of a report on it later maybe. First impressions are OK, its very much a WoW Clone, with a few things different here and there.