Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mana Regen In 3.1 PTR

Hey guys.

Just wanted to pop a quick post on here to tell you all about an experiment I ran last night on the PTR.

So armed with the new changes, but no dps meter, I ran myself to the glyph vendor in dalaran and picked up the new Exorcism Glyph and the Seal of the Martyr/Blood Glyph.

I only applied the Exorcism Glyph.

Off I ran to Stormwind and to the test dummies, buffed up and started plugging away at the helpless wooden object.

For 5-10 minutes I stood there - spamming everything that wasnt on Cool Down, including concecrate and didnt really run out of mana. If I got to 50% of mana left I popped Divine Plea and I was back up to 90-100% mana again.

Its good to remember that the new Judgements of the Wise returns 25% of base mana now. Which unless you have a lot of Int gear is pretty much 25% of our entire mana bar. Judgements are now almost back to how they were when 3.0 first came out (33% returned back then IIRC)

So I think with the added re-gen from buffs like improoved Blessing of Wisdom and other sources we shouldn't have any problems with mana regen.

Which is good news!

The only thing we have to work out now is our rotation. It seems that we can still spam consecrate but is it worth it now we have Exorcism?

I'm guessing our priority should remain roughly the same, but I was getting almost 5k Crits with exorcism in there.

Judgement > Crusader Strike > Exorcism > Divine Storm > Consecrate.

Does that look OK? Or is the Judgement going to off Cool down before DS or Cons? Its not really a big deal - just remember to punch Judgement over anything else!

PS - In naxx on Monday night i managed to get a 484k Judgement of the Martyr Crit on the adds after Razz died! LOL! I literally Crit myself to death!! Next time I'm gonna go in guns blazing full on! (read my Avenging wrath was on cool down!)