Friday, 13 March 2009

My 3.1 Talent Build Idea...

Hey peeps. So as we all know 3.1 is just a few weeks away (probably) and as most of us also know that the Ret-tree has had a few tweaks done to it leaving us with a lot of spare points to play with.

To that end I've put together a couple of possible specs and wanted feed back on what people thought.

1 - 11/5/55 - My idea with this one is to spec deep enough into Holy to get Aura Mastery. This will give our retribution aura 100% more effect. Increasing damage done by the aura by another 50%, increasing raid wide damage by another 3% and increasing attack speed and spell casting by another 3%. (That's provided it does in fact increase ***ALL*** effects) This also gives us 15% extra mana to play with - which is always nice.

2 - 0/10/61 - The Ret PvE/PvP Build - Gives us all the nice stat related pvp stuff in Ret and a few prot pvp related talents.

While I'll put my hand up and say I'm no pvp expert, these seem like nice buils to go for in the patch. I'd have put a nice PvP build in there to, but I'll leave Josh @ E4AE to do that. He knows his PvP way better than I.

Obviously people will be playing with talents a lot when 3.1 comes out, due to dual-spec's - personally I'll be going RET/PROT for my dual specs. Been picking up some nice tanking gear from naxx 25 that people don't want - should be nice for heroics.

I'll leave you today by telling you a dream I had last night.....

In an upcoming patch Blizzard will add "Epic Difficulty" to the 5-man Dungeons. This setting will increase the difficulty in 5-man Dungeons only to EPIC! Bosses will drop the Valor Tokens that currently drop in naxx25 and drops will be all epic 226-229 level items.

These instances will be insanely hard - completing all of them will grant, by way of an achievement, a special 310% Puce Armored Proto-Drake. There will be no hard mode achievement's as the dungeons themselves will be hard enough to test even the Leetest among us!

Bring It On!!!!!