Friday, 6 March 2009

Ask Firelight: Voldor on Ulduar Changes.

Hey guys - Got an interesting email from Voldor @ Emeriss EU today;
Hi Firelight

I was wondering if you could take some time to reflect on the upcomming
changed to the Retribution talent Tree - and if you share my concerns about
Paladin dps in Ulduar?

Well this is a rather interesting question!

Having been playing on the PTR a little I've not had a chance to get into a raid into Ulduar, but There are a few things that are interesting.

1 - The change to exocism. This will increase our dps against non-undead targets a considerable amount. Now I think it might be reasonable to say that this could do with the Cooldown dropping a bit - maybe to 10 seconds? Or maybe the cooldown is just fine? I suppose it doesnt really matter - We all know by now there is no spot on rotation for Ret-Paladins, just so long as you prioritise your cooldowns available. (Judge -> CS -> DS -> Conc) Just gotta figure out where Exorcism would fit in. Also remember that Exorcism is now a guaranteed crit on Undeads.

2 - Glyph of Exorcism: +20% damage increase to Exorcism. This is just plain lovely!

Now Ghostcrawler has said that Ret-DPS as it stands in 3.1 is too low. What does this mean exactly? Yes that's right - we all remember a few months ago those immortal words:


A sad day indeed it was. So they're going to have to buff us again to get us in line with other DPS classes/specs. I've seen screen shots here and there of Hunters doing over 6k sustained dps in Naxx on the PTR - that's insane!!! Will we come in line with them? Maybe. It'd be nice!

The main thing to remember is we are a hybrid class - if we get buffed too much all the pure dps classes with be QQ'ing like crazy (Mages/Warlocks/Hunters) Even now I'm out DPS'ing the Warlocks in our raids.

So it does make you wonder what sort of things they're going to change/add to Ret to give it that boost.

I'd like to see Divine Storm become holy damage again personally. That was a big nerf.

Another thing maybe could be to increase the damage further of judgements and Crusader Strike.

Can I ask for Titans Grip as well? ( I can dream can't I?)

But seriously - until we see more info from Blizzard with regards to what they plan to do with us all we can do is speculate on things...

Worrying about it now is not going to help things!

Everything Blizzard does on the PTR is as predictable as the weather: - You know roughly whats supposed to be coming but predicting it accurately is impossible.

So to sum up Voldor, from a personal stand point I'm NOT worried at all about our DPS in Ulduar.

Maybe when Blizzard announce the changes for us then I'll think about it some more.