Monday, 9 March 2009

Ask Firelight: Peregrine on Ret

Hey peeps! I've had another email from Peregrine over at Divine Storm:

Peregrine here (aka Divine Storm). I like to think of myself as an old-school pro, but I recognize a good player when I see one. So let me ask you a few questions that have been nagging at me:

1) Do you use Seal of the Martyr for every fight?

2) What is our hit cap? I hit 8% and I'm still being dodged quite often.

3) What Major Glyphs do you use? I'm personally rolling with Glyph of Judgement/Glyph of Seal of the Martyr/Glyph of Lay on Hands. Basically, it's all for Mana efficiency - I can consecrate every single cooldown and never go below 50% Mana. But is this overkill, and is my DPS suffering for it?

4) How long do you wait to blow Avenging Wrath for the first time? I usually blow it along with Hand of Salvation as soon as I start DPS'ing, I'm pretty sure this is the right way to do it, but is there a better way?
Ok so lets start with this:

/target Peregrine

Now that's over with lets see if we cant help you by answering some of your questions:

1 - No. In some fights its just not practical (read safe) to use Seal of Blood/Martyr. Fights like Loatheb in Naxx, and as you reported today on your blog Raz in Naxx once he's dead.

You just have to remember that sometimes its a good idea to use Command when the healers are stretched and the last thing you want to do is give them more healing to do! I know usually this will mean running out/low on mana - especially on longer fights, but it really is good to be consider the healers.

2 - Currently I'm sat at 289 Hit Rating - That's 8.81% You have to remember that on some fights you will get misses. Dodges are not affected by Hit Rating. In order to remove dodges you have to stack expertise gear. My Expertise Rating is currently 91 (2.75%) but the cap is 214 Rating. Once I get that up my dps will go up a bit.

3 - I use the following Major Glyphs;

a) Glyph of Spiritual Attunement - Increases the amount of mana gained from your Spiritual Attunement spell by an additional 2%.
b) Glyph of Judgement - Your Judgements deal 10% more damage.
c) Glyph of Avenging Wrath -
Reduces the cooldown of your Hammer of Wrath spell by 50% while Avenging Wrath is active.

I will be dropping the first one for Glyph of Exorcism when 3.1 comes out (+20% more damage on Exorcism) for the extra damage buff. As long as your using Seal of Blood/Martyr then you're never going to run out of mana cos of all the extra healing you get that gives you mana from your Spiritual Attunement. (PS get the Spiritual Attuement Glyph - its better than the seal of blood/martyr one you're using)

With my setup I never run out of mana - unless I'm using Seal of Command - and even then I just pop Divine Plea and/or a potion if it gets really low.

But its all down to personal preference. If you are really worried about running out of mana the keep your setup, but ask yourself one thing: Do I really need to keep above 50% mana for 100% of the fight?

4 - I usually have different times when I pop my wings. Most of the time I will use it right at the start of the fight, unless the fight is really really quick - like Patchwerk - then I'll use it when the boss gets to 20% health so I can use my Hammer of Wrath every 3 seconds due to my Glyph - Which is just IMBA.

I never ever blow it right at the start of a fight for 2 very good reasons;

1 - You might draw aggro from the tank - especially if he's positioning the boss.
2 - Your Vengeance wont be at full power, nor will other similar things like trinkets that build up your attack power over a number of swings.

You really should wait for the Raid leader to call for heroism if you have shaman's in your raid to pop it on long fights.

Avenging Wrath is a very situational buff, but needs to be used as much as possible.

I hope that helps!