Tuesday, 29 April 2008

More Black Temple Goodness!

Hey guys! Another long gap between posts and I've quite a few things to update you guys with.

Firstly Rage took down Teron Gorfiend last night - it was a long night but we got him in the end!

Crappy loot, but it was nice to get him down!

I was really lucky in that not one time was I picked to die and become a ghost! Which was a real relief. I'd played that flash game version of it on the web and still couldnt get my head around it.

On to Archimonde tonight. A fight i'm really looking forward to.

No major upgrades for me, although I've been playing around with my gear trying to lower my crit a bit so i can get more AP/Strength. But its a lot harder than I had originally thought.

I made Exalted with SSO, so i have that nice new neck, but i banked it in favour of something with +STR on it...Not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I wish there was something i could use that could help me compare gear to work out whats best for my dps.

It seems that I've hit a wall when it comes to progression...Upgrades in BT are few and far between at this stage and when i do get them they seem to be fairly small upgrades.

I'm sure when we start seeing more Tier 6 I'll start to see some really nice increases in my dps.

Problem is my gear isn't scaling the same as other classes in the guild, and I feel sometimes somewhat of a burden.

But I still have fun which is what is important, and my raid buffs are required so I'm happy with just being there as a support class, so any DPS i do is a bonus.

In other news I finally managed to get Gwindle her epic flyer, and did the heroic to get her Epic Flight Form - which is really cool btw! If you have a druid and dont have epic flight yet - get to work! Its awesome fun! Gwindle is also a herbalist so has been farming lots of herbs for my alchemist so I'm already starting to make money back so I can get my 3rd 70 his epic flying mount!!