Friday, 9 May 2008

Death Knight Cometh...

Hey peeps!

Its been another week since my last blog entry, and for this I apologise.

Well the main reason is that I've not really had much to say - Rage continues its onslaught into Hyjal and Black Temple.

We have 4/5 bosses in Hyjall on farm now, all one shotted and taken down with ease.

We've have Naj'entus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama on farm in BT as they really as a joke it has to be said. Gorefiend still is causing us problems - that death phase is a real shock if its your first time, and sadly this week I had my first time with it....I was not happy with myself :( It just didn't make sense at first - I messed up and caused a wipe :( I felt terrible and apologised profusely to the Raid Leader, thankfully he was kind and explained it wasn't just my fault.

This encounter is one of the scariest I've had to deal with in this game its a real shock to cause a wipe...

Anyway Last nights progression in Hyjal was amazing - to one shot every boss in there apart from Archimonde was a real achievement for us! I even managed to NOT blow up the melee group on the 3rd boss!! (not like last time when i killed my entire party except me! That was funny!)

We had tries on Archimonde, and he seems fairy easy to say the least if only we could master the fire thing he does. Its just picking too many healers off with ease it seems. We'll get him eventually.

This weekend we're going to do Kael'thas. A couple of the guilds on the server seem to enjoy poking fun at us as we'd not downed him before 2.4 but he will die this weekend...Enjoy your weekend Kael...for Sunday night Rage is coming to get you!!! Are you prepared? Time will tell....

Onto some exciting news regarding Death Knights!

Copied from World of Raids

The Deathknight class A quick description of some of the spells:
• Death Coil -- Depletes all Runic Power, dealing 600 damage to a non-Undead target, or healing 900 damage on a friendly target.

• Death Grip -- This is the Death Knight's "taunt" ability. It also pulls the target to the Death Knight, forcing them to attack the Death Knight for a short amount of time. Yes, I said pulls the target; Blizzard is going to allow players to move mobs in the expansion both with Death Grip, and other knockback/pull abilities. This works on players too, so PvP balance ahoy!

• Chains of Ice -- Roots the target in place. When the spell fades, it places a snare on the target that reduces in potency as the duration runs out.

• Raise Dead -- Raises a nearby corpse to fight for the Death Knight for 2 minutes. If used on a player corpse, the player has the option to play as the ghoul for the duration -- gaining access to the ghoul's abilities.
- The ghoul has the ability to do the following: -
- Leap to the target -
- Rend for decent damage-over-time -
- Stun target, and of course more

• Death Pact -- Sacrifices the raised ghouls to heal the Death Knight. • Death and Decay -- Targeted, AoE Damage-over-time which pulses similar to the Paladin spell Consecration. Anyone affected by Death and Decay has a chance to be feared.

• Frost Presence -- Increases Armor by 45% and allows the Death Knight to generate 25% more threat. Only one presence can be active at any time.

• Unholy Presence -- Increases Attack Speed and Movement speed by 15%. Only one presence can be active at any time. This was described by Tom Chilton as the "PvP" presence.

• Anti-magic Shield -- Reduces the damage of the next magical spell cast on the Death Knight by 75%. It also converts the damage reduced into Runic Power. • Strangulate -- Depletes all Runic Power, dealing minor damage and silencing the target for up to 5 seconds.

• Summon Deathcharger -- Allows the Death Knight to summon a Deathcharger mount. This mount is acquired through quests, similar to the Paladin and Warlock land mounts. A quick recap of the information Curse were told about the Death Knight:

• Death knights will be available to all players with level 55 characters

• Players can create one death knight per realm, per account

• Death knights can be any of the races

• Once created, death knights can undertake a series of quests to introduce the player to the new class and its associated lore

• Death knights utilize a rune system as their resource mechanic - Three different rune types are available: Unholy, Frost, and Blood - These runes allow death knights to cast spells and abilities; spells can cost any combination of these runes - Spent runes automatically refresh after a set period of time, similar to a rogue’s energy bar - The death knight will have the ability to customize which array of six runes is currently available

• As rune abilities are used, the death knight also generates another resource called Runic Power - The death knight will have several abilities that cost all available Runic Power, with varying levels of effectiveness based on total Runic Power spent - Runic Power decays over time if it’s not spent, similar to a warrior’s rage bar

• The death knight has three different presences to use: Blood, Frost, and Unholy; each presence grants the death knight a unique buff that will allow him or her to fulfill different roles in combat

• The death knight can serve either as a tank or as a melee-based damage-dealing class

• Death knights are designed to be highly viable tanking, magic-using characters

• Death knights will have the ability to summon undead guardians to fight by their side

• Death knights will have the ability to summon a Deathcharger mount.


Now this info is really exciting!! I cannot wait to try out some of this stuff when Wrath hits!! Really exciting!!

Also this:
Raiding Changes:

• Similar to World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, all 5-person dungeons will have a Heroic mode

• All raid dungeons in Wrath of the Lich King will have both 25-person and 10-person versions - 25-person raiding progression is not dependent on 10-person raiding; players will not have to obtain keys or attunements in 10-person raids to participate in 25-person raids - 10- and 25-person raids both have their own, independent progression paths

• Players will receive more, higher level rewards for completing the 25-person raid dungeons over the 10-person version


This is cool also! More 10 man stuff!! Awesome!