Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Zul'aman Cleared.

Hey guys! Hope all are well.

Given the fact that our Main tank was afk for a couple weeks the remaining leaders decided to get some of the new guys geared up.

So last night the guild gathered for a possible 25 man to SSC. Sadly due to cancellations we ended up going to ZA.

2 groups formed and we went in.

Both groups cleared the place. I got some mail boots with ignore armour stats on them, and a mail kilt thing for RP fun! LOL!

I was impressed with our groups pace in there.

We got the first 2 timed rewards, but took a bio and didnt make the 3rd on purpose as we thought we'd have problems with the dragon hawk boss. On the contrary! We got him down first time! and with only 1 AOE do-er!

In fact all bosses went down first time apart from the last as we had some bad luck on the first try, and on the second try it was obvious the new guys needed some practice here. But 3rd time was a charm and he went down!

I was hoping he'd drop the nice 2h Sword to have a play with, but he dropped some crappy caster loot.

So a fun evening was had by all - I love the trash in there - its most fun when one of the group gets MC'd and we have to try and kill them asap!! hehe

Tonight looks like the same thing - I'm going to try to get a Kara run going - i want badges!

ZA is no good for badges - only 13 in 1 run unless you manage to get the quest item from the boss. But even Kara is starting to get a bit boring now. Although I did manage to get the t4 gloves for Gwindle's Feral set which is a real boost to her tanking.

I heard over the weekend that Wrath of the Lich King is in Alpha testing! I'm really excited about this! It means, to me anyway, that getting into Northrend is close and I'm going to be ready with a vengeance to hit that place running and get levelling to 80! I envision that it'll out before christmas at this rate.

The one thing thats going to be really cool is getting into Naxxramas. I've only ever popped my nose into here once and had a quick peek inside! Also deathknights! oooh! I cant wait to get my hands on one of those dudes!