Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Black Temple & PvP Stuffs!

Hey peeps! So Rage entered The Black Temple again last night! Oh boy what an evening!

We took out Shade of Akama on the first try! That was an easy fight! Us melee took down the casters channelling the shade then we all out nuked Shade of Akama. Akama still had 30% health left at the end of the fight.

Then our evening took a turn for the worse....Teron Gorefiend.
This guy is a serious pain the bum! I was lucky and in the 3/4 tries we had on him I was never chosen to become a ghost. But of the people that were there was always 1 person who would manage to let the skeletons through to the raid where they'd start picking off the healers.

Its a tough fight - but fairly straight forward. I think we'll get him next time. Sadly the servers reset over night here so we'll have to fight our way to him again - but I dont think that'll be much of a problem really.

Karl W. Jacobs asked me about my PvP gear in the comments on my last post so here's some screenies of my gear at the moment. This morning i bought the Season 3 Legguards. Awesome!

I'm sitting on 285 Resiliance which is really nice! Closing in on the cap quickly. So Now i have 4x Season 3 and 1x Season 1 peice, and only 1 BG epic. The rest of my gear is from my main PVE DPS set.

I've got 1944 AP, 75 Hit rating, and 29.70% crit in this gear. I'm going to get the +15 Resiliance on chest enchant BTW before you ask - just not gotten round to it yet so that'll push me to 300 Resiliance.

Then I AM going to farm the Battlegrounds this weekend and get enough honor to buy a couple more pieces. Here's my Shopping list:

Boots, Belt, Neck, 2x Rings and 1x Trinket if there is one. I cant remember off hand.

As i have a full arena armour set now I'm going to focus on getting a Season 2 PvP weapon. Or Season 3 if i can find out what arena rating you need to get it.