Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Raiding Break Ahoy!!

Hey guys!

Sadly nothing new to report with regards to raid progress for the last week due to lack of raids!

Rage have Hyjall's first 4 bosses on farm status now which is really good I think. Our progress in there has been a real shock to all of us.

Same applies to our Black Temple Progress as well.

So this brings things up to this week where 2 of our Main tanks are offline for 2 weeks.

The rest of the raid group are doing TK/SSC to gear up a few new people into the guild which is fine. As for me I'm going to take the next 2 weeks to get my Druid, Gwindle, her epic flight form.

I've over half way so far cash wise. 2.4 has really helped me with regards to getting cash. Being able to do 25 Dailys is good, although the most I do on Firelight is 15-20 leaving 5 for Daily heroics and PvP dailys if i have time. Then I'll usually do the Sunwell Isle quests on the other 2 guys. Also i shatter Void Crystals, and Create a Primal Might every day.

This helps a lot! So I should make the 5k required at the weekend hopefully. Then I have to start over to get Starslayer his Epic Flyer! haha!

Our Server is only 45% away from opening the Badge Vendor on the Isle, and about 30% through opening up the Harbour. Our low population means we're moving at a steady, but slow rate compared to other server.

I've loved the new daily quests up there so far. Having the quests so close together is a brilliant idea. I can do all the quests in Outland with Firelight the hop to the Isle, that nets me about 120-150g at the mo, then I log the other 2 70's but they only do the Isle quests. This, including drops/greens/cloth etc, nets me about 500g a day!

So thats pretty lucrative!

Firelight hit Exalted with SSO on friday night so has a sexy new tabard, and a I'm playing with the Necklace that you get from exalted as well.

Thus far I've not been into Heroic Magisters Terrace(MgT) but i'd really like that trinket that drops. Problem is there tends not to be very many groups that want a Melee DPS with no CC.

Oh well....