Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hey peeps!! Another reasonably short break between posts, and the guild and I have been busy little bees.
First lets talk about raid progression. Last week Rage cleared to Archimonde and we had 1 try at the big guy before calling it a night. Mount Hyjall seems very easy compared to other raid instances we've been to. The trash is loads of fun, and not like a real pain in the ass like other places.
Here's a pic of me ready to battle Archimonde!
Last night we entered The Black Temple and downed the High Warlord Naj'entus on the first try, and then Supremus on the 3rd attempt. This was so cool - Supremus is a bit like Void Reaver with regards to how easy he is. He has 2 phases:
1 - Tank and Spank - But there needs to be 2 tanks on him at all times as he does a hateful strike similar to gruul where he will take one shot at whoever has the highest heath apart from the main tank.
2 - He will randomly target a player and walk after them and one shot them if they get caught by him. Meanwhile spawning voclano's that will pretty much take out anyone who gets hit by them twice.
And thats it! Pretty simple really. Tonight we're going for Shade of Akama I think - or maybe teron gorefiend? I'm, not sure yet.
In other news, I've joined the Arena Tournament Realm to have a play around with a few things.

I've created Firelight, Gwindle and Starslayer over there and had a play around. Playing with a full season 2 Warlock with a crap load of resiliance and damage gear is amazing fun!
How did they get that dragon in that room?

There are no NPC's apart from these goblins on pedestalls everywhere selling cool stuff!

I dont know if i'll find 2 partners to come over and join me, so if anyone is willing to play with me please contact me in game on Steamwheedle Cartel as i'll be on there more than likely either on Fire, Gwindle, Star, or my new warrior Valleron.

Here's a cool pic of like a million people waiting for the portal to open up in Shattrath for the Sunwell Isle.

Here's a screenie of an Eye of the Storm game. As you can see I own!!

So a lot of news - and some cool pictures for you. I wish i could figure out how to make this come up as full screen when you click on them would be nice so you can see the details..

Anyways thats all for now! Cya later!