Tuesday, 1 April 2008

First steps into the Black Temple.

Hey Peeps!

So this week has seen some big changes in the way we raid and where we raid to.

It seems as though from now we'll be doing Mount Hyjal and Black Temple instead of the usual jaunts into SSC/TK that we'd become used to.

So last night we entered the Black Temple for the first time. I was really excited about this, and I didnt care if it was a wipe night. The place was awesome.

Trash clearing to the first boss was fairly straightforward and quite quick. The most annoying thing was the really fast re-spawn rate of the small elementals. But they are not hard to kill.

We had quite a few attempts at the first boss and it was clearly apparent that we were having problems with healing. Our Main Tank was going down fast and hard. But at completly different times. It would appear that if one of his healers was skewered to the ground by the spines he would go down.

Our Healing leader is confident that we had enough healing, but something was going wrong.

The best tries we had were getting him down to 24% and 27%

Here's a brief description of what happens in this fight:

1 - Tank pulls and moves him into the centre of the room.

2 - Everyone should pair up with a member of the raid and be at least 6 feet away from the nearest pair. Deadly boss mods will tell you if you're too close to anyone. This is really difficult if you have too many Melee classes as I think we had last night.

3 - The boss will do AOE frost damage to everyone. Hitting for about 2.5k damage.

4 - The boss will occasionally focus on one member of the raid and fire a spine into their backs pinning them to the ground. That persons partner should loot the spine as fast as possible as every 1 minute or so the boss will....

5 - ...bubble up making him immune and healing himself. Everyone has to get over 8.5k Health really really fast. Then once everyone is healed up the people who looted the spines off their partners "uses" them on the boss to burst the bubble that is surrounding the boss. This will pop doing 8.5k damage on the raid.

Thats all there is! Just rinse and repeat. The fight is really easy, but something is going wrong with the tank healing.

This fight should be over in 3-5 minutes apparently.

The only loot that dropped was a spell damage ring from the trash mobs. Other than that the trash in that place seems to be shared with Hjyal.

But it was a fun evening - we were able to have a good laugh between tries and I really enjoyed it!

Hopefully tonight the raid will take him down!

In other news I've noticed that Executioner and my Stormherald have made a big difference to my dps in raids - I'm hitting much much harder now! Its pretty sweet!

Firelight is now about half way to revered with Shattered Sun Offensive which is pretty cool so then its going to be a long long slog to exalted with them for him as heroic MT needs Crowd Control and He doesnt offer any. So its going to be done with questing only.

Hopefully when all the other quests open it wont take too long.