Tuesday, 16 September 2008

PTR 3.0.2 First Thoughts...

Ok so I finally got my paladin transferred to the PTR and had a play...

Wow...first things first I had to go get a reverse shave and a reverse hair cut!! Which is the only way I could describe it!!

Click to see Firelight getting his do done!! (Right Click, Save Target As...) (12mb)

So once that was done I messed about with the icons etc and figured out what I was supposed to click and when etc...

So I'm loving my new abilities, like 150% They're like awesome!!

Divine Storm is out of this world! I just love it so much, that combined with the new Seal of Command and Judgement of Command and the new Crusader Strike...wow...

Its like totally awesome!

I decided to go to Netherstorm and try out my new abilities on a couple of the elite mobs that float around there - Those level 70 elite rock dudes just outside Area 52. They went down fast and hard!

I then went and did the same to the named elite that wonders about southern Netherstorm.

OK so solo elites - no problem!

Lets try an instance - flew down to Hellfire Peninsula and had a pop at Hellfire Ramparts.

Wow...i can solo this place! like no problem! The new almost instant cast Flash of lights from the new talent "Art of War" are awesome, My spell power is around the 750-760 mark meaning my Flash of light is critting for 2k or there abouts i think, and holy light is critting for 4.5k - awesome!

Check out this quick vid I threw together of me doing groups and the first boss in Hellfire Ramparts.

Firelight in Hellfire Ramparts! (Right click, Save Target As) 66mb
Please excuse the dwarfness - my Transporter Malfunction debuff was up!

I did try to do Mana Tombs as well, but the first boss kicked my butt!