Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Preparing for Wrath of the Lich King

Hey Peeps! Hows everyone doing this week?

Today I'm going to talk about the PTR, the up-coming Expansion and What I've been doing to prepare.

So I've been playing a lot on the PTR recently and in particular looking at what I could do to maximise the achievements i have off the bat come release date of 3.0.2.

So I sat down with a note-pad and a pen and I started combing through all the stuff that I'd not already gotten from the game thus-far.

1 - Exalted with 25 Factions - Reward: Exalted Title - For this I just need to raise 2 more factions to exalted in order to get this Title. So far I'm 7k away from Exalted with Winterspring Trainers, and I have a choice of trying to get Cenarion Circle Rep or Timbermaw hold. As i'm half way to revered with Timbermaw - its going to be this that I go for first - then Cenarion - as I can claim a title for having exalted with both of the Cenarion rep-factions.

2 - 50 Mounts - Reward: Albino Drake Flying Moung - Currently on the PTR I have about 32 Mounts - but I ran out of money on the PTR so buying all the mounts from the Alliance Cities and all the different flying mounts will be a priority for me in game when the patch hits.

3 - 25 Tabards - Reward: Title - I've gotten 23 so far in the PTR - not sure where I'm going to get another 2 from...Any Ideas? I'll have to do a post some time about what i have so far.

4 - 25 Pets - I've got like 14 pets or so - but there are plenty of vendors around the place that can help me get up to 25 no problem. Not sure what the reward is for this one.

5 - Exploration - Reward: Title - basically you have to reveal the whole map in all the areas in order to get this one - I've cleared all of Outland and the Eastern Kingdoms and I've started doing Kalimdor - but obviously I wont be able to do Northrend until the expansion comes out. The achievement systems is very clear about what area's you've missed and lists the names of the sub-zones you've missed within the area you're in.

6 - Brewfest stuff - I've posted all the food and drink to an alt so that come patch release day i can eat/drink all of that - I'm also saving up coins for 3x of the clothing and the Brewfest Monthly beer thing - those I will also keep in the post till the patch comes. Last year i got the brewfest ram, so i made sure to pick up the 60% one as well so that helps me with my mount collection.

7 - Money!! - I need to raise as much gold as possible prior to the expansion coming out - BRK said in his latest podcast that you need 16,000 gold to get the mammoth mount - not sure i'll be saving up that much, but I'm going to try it!! One of my friends in-game is going to help me out too by playing the AH! I've got 3,500g or there abouts saved up at the mo - so I'm doing well.

8 - Farm herbs - I'm going to take Gwindle and farm a lot of herbs and store them up for the release of the expansion - from what I've heard - you inscribers are going to paying a pretty penny for these things in the expansion so its all systems FARM FARM FARM!!

That's the first 8 things I'm trying to do - I'm going to go into the PTR again and think of some more things later! But as it happens most of these items are fairly straight forward.

I do need to think of some good money making schemes first though!!

Firelight is going to stay Engineer/Macesmith in the Expansion as the items I've seen so far look too good to miss. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about gather mats for these - maybe I'll hold off buying that Mammoth mount eh?

What are you doing to prepare? (if anything!)