Thursday, 25 September 2008

Retribution Nerfs...and Buffs....

So our good friend over at the Suicidal Zebra, Tim has done a nice report on the latest build of the PTR and Ret looks like its taken a few nerfs today and a couple of buffs too:

* Two-Handed Weapon Spec has returned to a 2/4/6% damage increase.
* Fanatisism has also returned to 5/10/15/20/25% Judgement crit chance.
* Seal of Blood changed to 28% of weapon damage (from 35%).
* Seal of Command changed to 56% of weapon damage (from 75%).

On top of those all Seal damage has been reduced 20%

These changes do seem a little unnecessary really - as people have mentioned on various forums etc yes we may be OP at level 70, but at 80 we wont be competitive compared to other classes.

Yesterday I solo'd Onyxia on the PTR - it took me about 45-50 mins but I managed it ok - never really getting health/mana lower than 40%. Onyxia hits like a school girl!

The trash leading up to her were harder!

So Once I've gotten my reset I'll pop back in and say hello to her and see how well we can managed with the above changes to our spec.

Fingers Crossed...