Wednesday, 25 June 2008

World Wide Invitational '08

Hey guys! Just a small update with my thoughts on the upcoming WWI.

There has been a lot of speculation about what is coming in the WWI as to what Blizzard is doing in the coming months..

A few names being thrown around are:-

1 - Wrath of the Lich King

2 - Starcraft 2

3 - Diablo 3

4 - World of Starcraft(?) Or another MMO

Thinking about what I'd personally like to see is a release date for WotLK or at least the cinematic for the expansion.

While I'm excited about Starcraft 2, I think a Starcraft MMO would be really cool.

I also hope that they release another collectors edition of the Expansion. I have the CE of The Burning Crusade and its a lovely box with some awesome contents.

Whatever comes this weekend Blizzard are keeping everyone guessing. MMO-Champion and Wowinsider are both running with ideas and theories based on some splash screen pics and hidden files on Blizzards websites.

I was really upset to see that tickets for the WWI were sold out so fast and I couldn't get one in time. I was really hoping to go as Blizzcon is so far away in America. Unless I can plan some sort of holiday to go out there!!

So lets hope the week goes quick and we get to find out whats going on in Paris fast.

To anyone who is going, make sure you blog your findings and let us all know the low-down!