Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Well hello people!

Its been a short while since my last blog post so time for some updates!


Fire has finally managed to get his grubby little hands on a darkmoon Deck that gives the Crusade trinket. How i've not seen this card before I'm not sure, but as soon as June 9th comes I'm straight down to Elwynn Forrest to get me my trinket!

Rage's progression is getting better as well, we can take out 4/5 in Hyjall in 1 evening and a couple of tries on Archi, with archi going down the next day. We're 5/9 in Black Temple and last night we got Reliquary of Souls well into the 2nd phase with the wrong group setup (setup was for bloodboil who we one shot- something we were not expecting!)


My warlock has been working his little butt off in the battle grounds and has 23,000 honor points and this morning purchased his first peice of season 2 arena gear (gloves)

My aim is to get all 5 peices of season 2 gear either with honor points or arena points mainly because the set looks awesome and I want this guy to become my new PvP b*tch! Locks are a lot of fun in BG's even in the lame gear he has at the moment.


Well i've finally bitten the bullet and rolled a Horde toon! Shamanjim is level 26 Tauren Shaman, steadily leveling at weekends with the GM of Rage's 29 Undead Warlock. Its loads of fun mainly as its like playing the game for the first time, but better as i kinda know my way around most places already! Its like eating a new flavour of your fave brand of ice-cream.

This guy is going to go back and clear the star areas of the other factions so I can get a few of the other mounts from other factions if I can get him to exalted with these places!

Shaman are a lot of fun to play it seems - He's leveling enhancement spec which is pretty sweet. Cant wait till I get windfury!

So thats all for news updates! I've found a few more paladin resources that I've been reading and trying to fix things up for me so i can reach the dizzying heights of 1500+ dps.

We still only have 1 enhancement shaman in the raid-group at the moment which is bad. But I'm not sure how to suggest a 2nd shaman be recruited by the Raid leaders....I should suggest it to the GM and see what he says.