Friday, 13 June 2008

Mongoose Vs. Executioner...

Hey guys!

I'm having a real dilema at the moment and I wondered if anyone could offer some advice.

As you know I got a nice shiney new sword from Archimonde this week and following Cathmor's advise i loaded this baby up with Mongoose. Going against general consensus from my Raid Leader (Warrior) Ironclad. He said to go with executioner as this would be a big dps booster for me.

Personally i just cant decide if he's right or not. Cathmor is 100% saying that mongoose is better for paladins - probably due to the increase in attack speed and crit increase. But i keep thinking that the armour penetration is the way to go?

Currently I'm running at about 810 armor penetration in my gear. so with executioner this would be a nice 1650 armour pen.

BTW - Rawr says that the sword i have is better dps than the mace, by like 2 dps or something!