Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Small Raid Break, and Updates

Hey guys! Hope you're all well and that the weather is better than its been here in the UK wherever you are!! Sucky rain...bah!!

Anyway our guild are in the middle of a raid break at the moment for the next 2 weeks, due to half the guild all meeting up in Cyprus for a holiday.

I'm a little annoyed as I cant go, I was really looking forward to the meet going ahead in the UK so I could meet everyone. Never mind. Maybe next time eh?

Anyways onto the News!

Mother Shiraz...Your Days Are Numbered....

Rage had our first crack at Mother last week before the raid break started. We had no shadow res gear other than enough to give most people about 150 SR which is less than half of the required amount.

Bear in mind we only had 1 go at her and we had little to no SR Gear - We managed to get her to 44% HP!

Awesome!! So next week once everyone is back we can have a proper crack at her and the Tier 6 Shoulders will be mine. I've saved up just under 3k DKP for them so let the good times roll.

So WWI happened last week, and Blizzard announced Diablo 3.....

I am so underwhelmed - I realise that this is what a lot of people have been waiting for, but having never played either of the other games I couldn't be any more "meh" if i tried.

I just want a date for Wrath, Blizz, Please give us one!

There's lots of info out there about Wrath that's leaked from the Alpha, and while I'm not going to use the beta, all i want to see is the paladin talent tree completed so us ret-noobs have some sort of idea where the class is going.

Blizzard have said that they are spending the most time sorting out paladins as we need the most attention of all the classes which is fair I guess...but i hate the waiting.

My Mage, Edam, is now level 62, and in Zangarmarsh - which is cool - but I'm not wanting to quest until her rested bonus is back up to full as its all gone as of the end off all the quests in Hellfire.

Anyway that's all for today due to not much going on.