Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Hey Dudes!

Well its been an interesting couple of weeks lately. Lots happening and a few new things to report on!

I got my Darkmoon Faire card: Crusade last week - which is just awesome! Loving that and I also finally managed to blag my way into a guild run into Heroic Magisters Terrace.

I got really lucky on the 3rd boss and the trinket I was hoping for dropped (Shard of Contempt)

That's a lovely lovely trinket and I'm very happy so far! my dps has been over 1k on all raids even with the lack of a shaman in the melee group! So I'm happy.

Our progression in Black Temple is going well so far we're ready for Mother Shiraz provided that we can clear Bloodboil and Reliquary tonight we may have a couple of goes on her.

It seems that time is a major factor - we're having issues with Hyjal in that the group cant seem to clear the whole place in one night. Problems arise with Archimonde and its causing friction in the raid.

Lieutenant! Get me that Blame-Thrower!!!

Melee are blaming Ranged and Ranged are blaming Melee.

"You're not moving out of the flames quick enough melee group!"

"You're not moving from the fire even if it goes right through your legs ranged groups!"

When we focus and stick our heads into it we get him down with ease. But this still doesn't stop the friction.

So as many of you know Season 4 is starting next week! Well my warlock is close to getting all the honor he needs for his full season 2 set so that's cool - I love the look of that set.

I have a theory about when Wrath of the Lich king may be out - Most of the seasons have been about 4-5 months long so my prediction is that WotLK will be released at the end of Season 4. So we're looking at October/November time for a release.

I imagine the date will be release at the Worldwide Invitational as well as Blizz releasing the cinematic for the expansion.

I'm eager to get into Wrath actually. VERY eager! Being in a very fast progressing guild if we stay together then our progress in Wrath will be the same and we may become one of the best guilds on the server! Also all the new talents and abilities we'll get - may Blizzard be kind with the nerf-stick and hit the rogues and warlocks first before the Paladins!! ;)