Monday, 23 June 2008

Summer Fire Festival

Hey guys! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Its that time again! Last year this event wasn't really much and I didnt really do very much for it to be honest. It was so boring in fact i barely bothered to do very much of it at all.

This year however, its all changed. And boy is it a good change!

There are 2 reasons its so damn good:

1 - If you take the time to do all the quests, and visit all the flames in the whole of Azeroth and Outland you can make a crap load of money at 70.

Each Alliance base you visit nets 5 Gold and 99 Silver.

Each Horde base you visit nets 11 Gold and 99 Silver.

Nearly all areas have 2 bases (horde and alliance) so it'll take you a good 3/4 hours to do all the zones. I'm going to break down the whole area as best as I can remember shortly.

All in all i made around 800 gold on each of my 70's doing the quests and visiting all the areas and doing the Ahune quest line.

2 - XP FTW! My mage was 56 (2 bars in) yesterday morning. I went around and did all the areas! I even managed to snag all the Horde fire from the major cities as well which i was really amazed i could do, even though Orgrimmar was a pain in the butt.

The Alliance bases net 4.2-5k XP.

The Horde bases net 7.5-9k XP.

In 3 and a half hours I was level 58 and a half. It then took a little doing but I managed to get the Outland ones done as well and She's now 59 (getting Into Shadowmoon Valley and doing both horde and alliance bases was a real pain!!!) and starting questing in Outland.

So basically I made over 350k XP **JUST** from doing the flame quests. This was a boon for me really as I was feeling like I couldnt be bothered to do the work required in the old world to get to 58/59 and into Outland.

So my 4th high level toon is well on her way to 70 now. The light at the end of the tunnel is there...what I'm going to do with a glass cannon is beyond me...but hey its a nice change!

Anyway here's a break down of all of the areas in Azeroth and Outland, and where to look for the bases:


Azuremyst Isle: Azure Watch (A)
Teldrasil: Dolanaar (A)
Darkshore: Auberdine (A)
Moonglade: No Flame Here.
Felwood: No Flame Here.
Winterspring: 2 Here - Everlook - (Alliance & Horde both outside town near Flight Points)
Azshara: No Flame Here.
Ashenvale: 2 Here - Astranaar & Splintertree Post (A & H)
Stonetalon Mountains - Sunrock Retreat (H)
Durotar: Razor Hill (H)
The Barrens: Crossroads (H)
Mulgore: Bloodhoof Village(H)
Desolace: 2 Here - Nijels Point & Shadowprey Village (A & H)
Duskwallow Marsh - 2 Here - Brackenwall Village & Theramore Isle (A & H)
Feralas: 2 Here - Feathermoon Stronghold & Camp Mojache (A & H)
Thousand Needles - Freewind Post (H)
Tanaris: 2 Here - Gadgetzan - (Alliance & Horde both outside town near Flight Points)
Un'Goro Crater - No Flame Here.
Silithus: 2 Here - Twilight Base Camp - (A & H Outside the base on either side of the town)

Total: 22 bases (10 Alliance, 12 Horde)

Eastern Kingdoms

Quel'Thalas: Outside Ruins of Silvermoon (H)
Ghostlands: Tranquillian (H)
Eastern Plaguelands - No Flame Here.
Western Plaguelands - Chillwind Point (A)
Tirisfal Glades - Brill (H)
Silverpine Forest - The Sepulcher (H)
Alterac Mountains - No Flame Here.
Hillsbrad Foothils - 2 Here - Southshore (A) & Tarren Mill (H)
The Hinterlands - 2 Here - Aerie Peak (A) & Revantusk Village (H)
Arathi Highlands - 2 Here - Refuge Point (A) & Hammerfall (H)
Wetlands - Menethil (A)
Loch Modan - Thelsamar (A)
Dun Morogh - Kharanos (A)
The Badlands - Kargath (H)
Searing Gorge - No Flame Here.
Burning Steppes - Morgans Vigil (A)
Elwynn Forest - Goldshire (A)
Redridge Mountains - Lakeshire (A)
Westfall - Sentinel Hill (A)
Duskwood - Darkshire (A)
Deadwind Pass - No Flame Here.
Swamp of Sorrows - Stonard (H)
Blasted Lands - Nethergarde Keep (A)
Stranglethorn Vale - 2 Here - Booty Bay (A & H Both outside to the east by the pirates)

Total 25 Here - 14 Alliance - 11 Horde


Hellfire Peninsula - 2 here - Honor Hold & Thrallmar
Terrokar Forest - 2 Here - Allarian Stonghold & Stonebreaker Hold
Zangarmarsh - 2 Here - Telredor & Zabra'jin
Nagrand - 2 Here - Telaar & Garada
Blades Edge Mountains - 2 Here - Sylvanaar & Thunderlord Stronghold
Netherstorm - 2 Here - Area 52 - Both outside the village.
Shadowmoon Valley - 2 Here - Wildhammer Stronghold & Shadowmoon Village

Total 14 - 7 Alliance - 7 Horde

Total 61 - 31 Alliance - 30 Horde

As an Alliance - just doing the quests would net you the following gold:

Alliance Bases - 185 Gold 69 Silver
Horde Bases - 359 Gold 70 Silver

Total - 545 Gold 39 Silver

Total for a Hordie doing the quests is: 551 Gold 39 Silver

So either way its a fair bit of money and the quest are fun.

As for Ahune? Well make sure you have all your graphics turned down as some people have experienced some lag issues when fighting him (during the trasition from form to crystal) I love the look of the staff, but its not overly great for either of my casters, and I doubt i'll get edam into Slave pens to get it before the end of the event.

But a lot of fun getting to spend so much time in the old world again!

Well worth the effort!

Appologies if I missed any out - i wasnt taking notes and was only looking at a map of the area from the internet.