Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Bloodboil DOWN!

Hey guys!

Well what a night!

We entered Black Temple to continue where we left off, and we continued in style!!

After a number of tries we got him down and had enough time to look at the trash leading up to the Reliquary of Souls - that's going to be fun tonight!!

I got some new leg armour with some nice ignore armour stats! With all my new bits I'm sitting at 700 ignore armour +840 when executioner procs! (1540 total)

If we manage to get the Reliquary of Souls down tonight he drops 2 very nice upgrades for me! Firstly some really nice plate boots, and secondly one of the best 2h mace's in the game. I'm gonna be so happy if either of them drops! I've never really liked the look of my current boots, so the ones that drop from RoS match my legs/gloves i'm wearing at the mo. (t6 warrior look-alike gear)

Here's a W.W.S report from the evening (taken from our Druid Tank Senias):


I was a bit gimped as I'd equipped a fair bit of my PvP gear to give me 12-13k health buffed so I didn't die as fast as i did last week when we tried this guy when i was the target for his Fel Rage thingy.

I also wrote a macro to equip my shield/sword which helped, and I also grabbed one of my tanking trinkets for the fight as well that when used increases my shield block quite a bit so i could block a lot his attacks - which helped a lot.

Please notice we were missing a shaman from our group. WTB Shaman tonight!!

Wish us and Me luck for tonight! I so want that mace!!!